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Information Application and Beginning of the Study Program


  • For International Applicants

The applications will be handled via Uni-Assist. Tentatively the application period will be to 15th of January for Summer Semester and 15th of July for Winter Semester each year. There is no "first-come-first-serve" policy!

Since 2023 it is mandatory for Indian students to provide an APS certificate. We are aware that this induces extra efforts. As we are working on mitigation for problems which arise hereof, the most up to date information can be found on the pages of our international office.

Please note that an APS certificate can be requested for your most up to date study records, too. This enables your option to apply BEFORE you have finally finished your degree. In case you are deemed to qualify for admission this way, you will get that information and you will be requested to send your final degree as soon as possible. A formal application then will be issued as long as the previous qualification hypothesis still holds.

  • For National Incomers

Please use the TU Dortmund site www.campus.tu-dortmund.de to apply inside the regular application window. In this case, the deadlines published in that location do apply.


Please don't send in hardcopies of documents. All mandatory documents will be checked in originals or certified copies during the inspection at the enrollment.


  • Please don't send hard copies of any kind. Originals or notarized copies will be used in the visa process or during enrollment.
  • There's no "update", once you have sent your application, it will be processed as it is.
  • There's no status report of your application before decision.
  • If you are studying in your final year, send all marks as collected so far. In this case we need a statement of tentative completion date which MUST carry the full title of the degree you are aspiring to reach.
  • Questions regarding items listed here will not be answered.
  • Make sure that your language proficiency test was taken before 2 years (to the day) in advance of the application deadline. Any older certificates will turn void on that date and can not be used for further applications!
  • Please make sure that Medium of Instruction Certificates will not be accepted
  • GRE is not required


1. Your academic degree:

  • Your degree certificate: (Bachelor of Science/Engineering or Sarjana I, Mühendis, Lisans, Diplôme d'Ingénieur d'Etat etc.) This includes notarized copies of the original and an offical transcript to German or English language, furnished by an official translator, if the certificate originals are neither in English or German. The requested degree must be 2.3 or better in the German scale.
  • Your mark sheets of all terms and other records of your academic education in undergraduate studies. These mark sheets must include the grades as well as the credit points collected. Each topic should be clearly identified. This includes notarized copies of the original and an official transcript in German or English language, furnished by an official translator if the certificate originals are neither in English nor German.
  • Explanation of your grading system (see note 3 below)
  • Applicants from China, Vietnam and India will need an APS certificate as a mandatory prerequisite.

2. One of the following language certificates: (see note d below).

  • A German 'Abitur' with English as exam class
  • Copy of the TOEFL Certificate with minimal scores as follows
    • 1.  CBT: 243
    • 2.  PBT: 590
    • 3.  IBT: 95
  • Copy of IELTS Certificate, academic module (min score 7)
  • Other English certificates, subject to verification

The ETS institution code (TOEFL) for sending results is 6292.

3. Proof that your curriculum has covered (see notes a/b below).

  • At least 41,66% of marks or 75 credits gained in electrical engineering subjects, which may include a variety of subjects. Please refer to the ETIT faculty website on the range of subjects included under electrical engineering/information technology.
  • At least 10% of marks or 18 credits gained in academic math.
  • At least 6.7% of marks or 10 credits gained in computer systems/programming (no matlab or application level)  courses. (make sure to send your most up to date transcript, including an indication of the workload per class, e.g. hrs/week, credit points etc.)


Supporting documents, (not mandatory)

Furhermore, you may send

  • Letters of recommendation (if available)
  • Proof of scholarships (if any)
  • All other documents which you deem to show your achievements


We have requested to open the application phase to 15th of January for the Summer semester and 15th of July for the Winter semester! However, Uni-Assist is responsible for the setup of the application framework from now on.

We thank you for your interest!

Application phase

During application, all requested documents must be scanned and uploaded as PDF to Uni-Assist. Notarization isn’t necessary in this phase.

Validity of admission

Beginning in October 2024, an admission which has been sent will stay valid for three terms. The first of those always is the winter term in which you have applied. The admission will stay valid for the next summer (enrollment up to 15th of May) and the subsequent winter term still.


Enrollment will be handled by our international office entirely! Please follow the guidelines which you have received in conjunction with your admission, once you have received it.

Enrollment will be possible up to the last Friday before the semester starts each semester.

Enrollment phase (only for those admitted)

All documents used in the application process must be presented as originals and will be checked during the enrolment procedure.

Contact for Beginners

Operational Organization

Head of the Program