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Elective Classes of the study program Automation & RoboticsElective Classes

Module Module number Semester -
Credits Major field of Study Faculty
Application of Robots AR-201 SoSe 5 R MB
Scheduling Problems and Solutions AR-202 SoSe 10 R, CS ETIT
Process Automation
The module is currently being revised.
AR-205 SoSe 5 PA BCI
Data-Based Dynamic Modeling
After announcement.
AR-206 SoSe 3 PA, R, CS BCI
Computer Vision AR-210 SoSe 6 R, CS IF
3 D Computer Vision AR-213 SoSe 5 R, CS ETIT
Aspects of Mathematical Modeling AR-214 SoSe 5 PA, R, CS MA
Cyber-Physical System Fundamentals AR-215 SoSe 6 PA, R, CS IF
Logic Control AR-220 SoSe 3 R, CS BCI
Dynamic Models AR-221 SoSe 3 PA, R, CS BCI
Logistics of Chemical Production Processes
After announcement.
AR-222 SoSe 3 PA BCI
Statistics for Researchers in Engineering Sciences AR-223 SoSe 5 PA, R, CS ST
Mobile Robots AR-225 SoSe 5 R, CS ETIT
Networked Mobile Robot Systems AR-302
Machine Learning in Robotics AR-310 SoSe 5 R, CS ETIT
Smart Grids AR-314 SoSe 6 PA, R, CS ETIT
Hardware Software Codesign AR-227 SoSe 5 CS ETIT
Distributed and Networked Control AR-228 SoSe 5 R, PA, CS ETIT
Single-Loop and Multi-Loop Controller Design
After announcement.
AR-229 SoSe 3 PA BCI
Practical Distributed Optimization in Julia AR-230 SoSe 5 CS, R, PA ETIT
Remote Sensing AR-231 SoSe 5 CS, R ETIT
Machine Learning Methods for Engineers AR-232 SoSe 5 CS, R, PA BCI
Optimal Power Flow Problems AR-233 SoSe 5 R, PA ETIT
Mobile Radio Networks I AR-234 SoSe 5 CS ETIT
Mobile Radio Networks II AR-235 SoSe 5 CS ETIT
Embedded Autonomy AR-236 SoSe 10 CS, R ETIT
Advanced Process Control AR-301 WiSe 5 PA, R, CS BCI
Computational Intelligence AR-306 WiSe 5 PA, R, CS IF
Mathematical Simulation Techniques AR-308 WiSe 5 PA, R, CS MA
Batch Process Operation AR-311 WiSe 5 PA BCI
Process Performance Optimization AR-312 WiSe 5 PA BCI
Real-Time Systems and Applications AR-315 WiSe 6 R, CS IF
Online Problems AR-316 WiSe 5 R, CS ETIT
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control AR-318 WiSe 10 CS, R, PA ETIT
Mobile and Pervasive Computing AR-319 WiSe 6 CS, R ETIT
Machine Learning and optimal Control AR-320 WiSe 5 R, PA ETIT